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Control Employee Computer Use and Web Surfing
Do you know who is using your computers and how
much? We have software which can tell you how many
emails are sent and by whom and at what times. How often
and when your employees access your office computers
from home. How many faxes are sent and received and
when. Additional software can track employee's internet
surfing to ensure that your employees are not downloading
porn, using your computers for online shopping and other

Our software can't see what the employee is typing so
there privacy is not compromised but it can monitor where
they go on the internet and how much time they spend on
the internet.

Don't let your office computers be used to surf porn, shop
on line or gamble on line. Take charge of your office
network, after all it IS your office network.

Take action now to ensure your office computers are not
storing porn and other inappropriate material.

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