O'Regan's, Inc -- A new breed of Healthcare Computer Consultants
Controlling the Cost of Computer Support
Controlling costs is important to the Healthcare Practice
confronting unfunded governmental mandates, rising
malpractice rates and slow claim processing. Being able to
control the cost of upgrading and maintaining your office
computer network becomes all the more important.

Some Computer Repairers and Consultants charge high rates
to fix the same problem over and over. We at
O'Regan's, Inc.
want to be your trusted technology advisors and part of your
team. Our approach is to assist with innovative financing for
upgrading your network and any needed equipment
purchases to make your office more efficient.

Once we get things running smoothly, we can support your
network at a fixed cost every month.

One of our innovative ways to control costs is software rental.
To avoid the high cost of purchasing software, you can rent
some software and pay a small fee every month. There is also
Open Source software which is free and can perform many of
the functions of software costing $300 to $400 for each

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