O'Regan's, Inc -- A new breed of Healthcare Computer Consultants
How Can I Contact O'Regan's, Inc?
O'Regan's, Inc is located in Blue Ridge, GA and
services clients in Fanning, Towns, Gilmer, Pickens,
and Cherokee Counties in GA.

We also service clients in Eastern Polk County, TN and
Cherokee County, NC.

While these are our main service areas, we are
available to support clients in North GA, Eastern TN
and Western NC with appropriate travel cost

We specialize in supporting the office computer needs
of the healthcare industry, however, we can support
any small to medium sized office network.

We can be contacted via telephone at (706) 632-3413 or
via email at -- reganm AToregansinc DOT com --

The above email address may look funny but this
prevents it from being used by spammers. We take
spam seriously.