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How do I Secure My Office Network?
Are your computers safe from hackers? We use the same
computer security software used by some of the giants in the
healthcare industry to secure their office computers.

Is your office network safe from the internet? Any office
network that is connected to the internet, via a broadband
connection (either DSL or Cable modem) is vulnerable to attack
from hackers. Many folks think they have nothing of value on
their office computer so they don't need to protect their
network. Hackers are after two things: First, they are looking
for personal identity information they can sell to identity
thieves. Second, they are looking for a place to store files and
programs for later use. These files and programs can be child
pornography or hacker attack tools which they then share out
to their cohorts on the internet. Neither of these would you
want on your office network. We can help protect your network
with a commercial grade firewall.

Are all your office computers updated with the latest software
patches and updates? Centralized patching keeps systems
updated and avoids many of the impacts of viruses and
malicious software in addition to improving the stability of the
computer. We centrally monitor your computers to make sure
all the software is up to date.

The internet provides a lot of information that healthcare
providers need but also lots to keep out.