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To better help us to help you, check out these symptoms and see how many
apply to your office
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- Can't contact your computer repairman?
- Computer are so slow that paper and pencil might be a viable alternative?
- Are your computer repair costs high and unpredictable?
- The computer repairman has a reserved parking place at your office
- When the computer repairman arrives, it's sounds like he speaks a foreign language
- Do you have doubts about what would happen if your computer crashed and you lost all
your data?
- Are you connected to the internet and wonder what your employees are doing surfing
the internet on your office computers?
- Does your office staff look like the Keystone Cops when it comes to sharing data by
running around with floppies and thumb drives?
- Do you have internet access, and all the medical research it provides, but are
concerned about hackers and viruses?
Our Remedies